Virgin Hair Extensions

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Our Gorgeous Hair Guarantee

If you are not 100% happy with the texture and quality of our hair. Simply return it un-used and we’ll refund your entire purchase. We’re serious about our product and want you to love your new virgin hair extensions as much as we do. Please make no hesitation to contact us to ask any questions before ordering.

Love RemyKiss Hair

RemyKiss Virgin hair extensions can be dyed and color processed as you would your own hair. It comes in a natural black or off black color. It’s similar to 1b on the hair color chart. Since it can be dyed so easily color usually isn’t a factor in purchasing your bundles of virgin hair.

Each of our bundles are appox. 3.5 to 3.8 oz, and yes we weigh each bundle to make sure you get what you pay for. RemyKiss is beautifully packaged and shipped in our signature pink box.

about RemyKiss virgin hair extensions

When you shop with RemyKiss you don’t have to worry about getting hair that is matted,tangled or that has a bad smell. All of our hair is sourced from 100% virgin hair donors and has been thoroughly cleaned and deep conditioned and is ready to wear.

Virgin hair is not like the typical hair you can purchase at your local beauty supply store. Virgin hair is special; it’s very versatile and it gets better with time. RemyKiss virgin hair extensions are available in Brazilian, Malaysian and Indian varieties. You can browse our collection of Posh (Virgin Wavy Hair), Chic (Virgin Natural Straight) and  Lush (Naturally Curly Virgin Hair). Each virgin bundle can be worn beyond (1) installation; this means your investment goes a long way. With proper care; we’ve known customers to wear our virgin hair for well beyond the first year.