Virgin Hair Brazilian Beach Waves and Culry

Can I color RemyKiss hair?

Yes you can color RemyKiss hair. All of our textures can be lifted and colored match your style. Just consult with a color expert to prevent damage

How long will this hair last?

While the actual time may vary depending on how you care for each texture, typically you can expect each bundle to last 18-24 months. This can easily translate to 6-8 installs.

What is the best products to use?

We don’t promote any particular brand of product. We do recommend you make sure you use products that are sulfate free. For our natural curly textures it helps to use moose and other curly hair products to enhance your hairstyle.

Night Time Routine/

For each texture we recommend to wrap your hair with a satin scarf. This will protect the ends and reduce frizz. For wavy and curly texture you may choose to braid plats or use a few flexi rods.

These are just some recommendations to help you maintain the hair quality, prevent shedding and breakage.

How often should i wash my hair?

Feel free to wash you hair as you feel necessary. You will want to protect your natural hair and keep your scalp clean so washing is recommended regularly. It helps to have a hooded dryer to make sure you get your scalp dry as well under the extensions.

What is the difference between bundle deals and purchasing individual bundles?

If you choose to purchase your hair as a bundle deal you are getting a savings for buying 3 bundles at a time vs. buying those exact same 3 bundles individually. It’s the same quality of hair. 100% Virgin remy hair. When you buy 3 you save! Shop Bundle Deals Now